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Krakow Art House


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Cracow art house is an artist-run independent art/cultural space located in the heart of Cracow. The house was built in 1907, to this date maintaining its original shape once protected by a legal heritage status.

Nowadays it functions as the home of local artists and activists involved in diverse activities. A shared space for living and art making, it makes room for cultural productions that bridge the building to the surrounding city areas. And as such it acts as a basis for alternative possibilities to dominant social, cultural and political consensus.

Cracow Art House is a friendship based collective that evolved into a think tank. Through the course of five years it sheltered actions that ranged from visual art exhibitions, dance performances, community-oriented events and building workshops.

The Water Critical Mass, in its fifth edition in the year of 2016, was a mass of independently built floating devices. A call for the occupation of the Wisla river in Krakow by artistic machines, art boats, kayaks and music, the mass sailed under police watch in the name of one’s freedom to be in public rivers.


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