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Zet Pe Te


About this place

Once named Cygarfabryka, then Zakład Przemysłu Tytoniowego, now Tytano complex, which operates a new music club ZetPeTe. The name refers to the tradition of the place. It’s a place of numerous cultural and entertainment events – also with the participation of world stars.



Cracow, Dolnych Młynów 10

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Opening hours

Monday5:00pm – 2:00am
Tuesday5:00pm – 2:00am
Wednesday5:00pm – 2:00am
Thursday8:00pm – 3:00am
Friday8:00pm – 6:00am
Sunday5:00pm – 10:00pm

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Events at Zet Pe Te venue

While She Sleeps 11.08 Zetpete, Kraków
42 11 Aug
Orphaned Land + Supports 10.03 Kraków, Zet Pe Te
Zet Pe Te
414 15
Satarial,Anaboth- Zet Pe Te Club Krakow
Zet Pe Te
293 8
Michael Malarkey (Us) 5.6. Kraków, Zetpete
Zet Pe Te
890 6
Stoned Jesus I Somali Yacht Club I Mun I 8.04, Kraków
Zet Pe Te
1503 5
Pokahontaz Reset Tour 23.02 Kraków
Zet Pe Te
894 5
1000mods L Octopussy L Diuna L Kraków, Zet Pe Te
Zet Pe Te
729 5
O.Torvald: 28.03 Kraków, Zet Pe Te
Zet Pe Te
253 4
Wena “Niepamięć” 23.03 Zet Pe Te, Kraków
Zet Pe Te
472 3
Spontan Drums Warsztaty & Afrobeat Jamsession
Zet Pe Te
48 3
Bitamina Zet Pe Te Kraków
Zet Pe Te
3695 2
Young Igi Buzi Tour Koncert Kraków
Zet Pe Te
2868 2
The Gentle Art Of Cooking People Electric Li8ht Orchestra &…
Zet Pe Te
393 2
Arkhon Infaustus, Demonomancy, Anima Damnata, Voidhanger –…
Zet Pe Te
340 2
Terrific Sunday “Bałtyk” 25.02 Zet Pe Te, Kraków
Zet Pe Te
150 2
Dub Temple 101 – Tetra Hydro k Live! (Francja) & More!
Zet Pe Te
1218 1
Los 4 w Krakowie Muzyczne Wydarzenie Roku Salsa House &…
Zet Pe Te
1074 1
Soulstone Gathering Festival 2018 L L Kraków, Zet Pe Te
Zet Pe Te
735 1
Motia 1 – International Girls Dj’s Vs Czeluść
Zet Pe Te
444 1
Veni VIDI Techno: Revoluto Anno IV
Zet Pe Te
393 1
Superbohater – Premiera Płyty Smkkpm Kraków
Zet Pe Te
218 1
Uk Garage Never Dies
Zet Pe Te
125 1
Artificial Intelligence MC Lowqui At Remont Basu
Zet Pe Te
94 1
Stand-Up Zetpete: Trasa 5 Majków
Zet Pe Te
45 1
Low Roar 9.04 Zet Pe Te, Kraków
Zet Pe Te
Dub Temple 102 – j.Robinson Whodemsound (Uk), Tomana Dub &…
Zet Pe Te
Bownik X Kraków X Zet Pe Te X
Zet Pe Te
Mery Spolsky X Kraków
Zet Pe Te
Makovski & Drumbassador At Remont Basu
Zet Pe Te
Natty Friday 23 (Ragga Jungle, Drum ’n Bass)
Zet Pe Te
Out Of The Dark 3
Zet Pe Te